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SEO Search Engine Optimisation

"The Search Engine Optimisation of webpage content is the difference between being found on Google and being invisible" says Peter Bowen, SEO Evangelist and Managing Direcor at First One On.

Ensuring that a specific page on your website contains the keyword that you want visitors to find you for is what defines good search engine optimisation, and the page must be relevant to the keyword that the visitor has searched for. The resulting optimised page must contain very specific information that talks about the value and benefit of the keyword.

The optimised page should not just deliver great search engine rankings; it should also attract quality visitors to your website who will ultimately convert into real business leads for your business.

First One On the SEO experts in Somerset say that the task of optimising keywords and page content is an ongoing process that requires an effective balance of good quality content and realistic benefits for the visitor.

It makes no sense at all to attract 'bees' (visitors) to your honey pot and then turn them away because you either have not provided enough substance about your keyword or you have failed in asking them to react to your message with a suitable 'call to action'.

SEO Call to Action

Having an effective call to action is an essential part of any website. A call to action is not just limited to ecommerce sites, infact very website should have an objective, and every page needs a goal it wants users to complete whether it is filling in a contact form, signup for a newsletter or requesting a call back.

A call to action provides . . .
• An easy method to convert visitors into leads
• A way to measure the success of a page
• Direction to visitors to react to your sales message.

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