Email Marketing builds strong relationships and provides a method to keep prospects, contacts and customers informed and educated about the product or service for sale

Email Marketing

Emails, email alerts, and email newsletters that deliver results is key in today's business environment. Creating the email communication and following our top 10 tips for successful email marketing will help you to build and develop strong customer relationships with existing clients and contacts and market your services more cost effectively.

Implementing a successful Email marketing strategy that works

Email marketing using emails, email alerts and email newsletters is a powerful way of staying in touch with your customer base or contact list and let them know what you are doing, offer products for sale or redirect them to your websiteto convert a lead into a sale. With email marketing you can track on an individual level who opened your emails, who clicked on what link and what content they read, not only allowing you to measure the level of interest readers have in the content you are sending them, but also how contacts or customers are responding to your message.

Email marketing works if it is done right - by that we mean if you take the time to collect qualified email addresses through an opt-in process and the recipient is expecting to receive your email then the chances that you will get a positive response from your email is going to be even greater.

Email Marketing top ten tips for success:

1. Professional Looking Email Marketing Template
Instead of sending out a generic email, take time to customize your template to reflect the colours, fonts and other branding elements of your business and website. Using the same email template everytime you send a message will help the recipient recognize your company's branding and this generate feelings of trust.

2. Personalise the Email Marketing Use the recipient's name in your message whenever possible. Something as simple as customising the email in this way can make the recipient more likely to read the message and act on your call to action.

3. Compelling Subject Line The two second rule applies here the recipient will scan the subject of the email and decide whether or not to open and read the communication. Therefore make the subject line as compelling as possible.

4. Email from a Person Make sure that the email is from a person or company name that is known to the recipient and not from an email address, this adds to the personalisation aspect of the communication and increases to the likelihood that the email will be opened and read.

5. Wite Engaging Content On of the most important but often overlooked elements of a successful email marketing strategy is not providing content that presents a value proposition or presents a current issue and asks the recipient a question where a response is expected to generate involvement.

6. Click throughs to your Website Wherever possible the ability to drive recipients back into your website from a link for more information, or to engage the recipient is the major benefit of using a email marketing in the first place.

7. Email Marketing Call to Action Each email you send should spell out exactly what you want the recipient to do. Make links obvious and call attention to any special directions you are providing. And it's okay to be repetitive when it comes to the call to action include it toward the top of the message and mention it again at the end.

8. Sign your Email Always include a signature at the bottom of your email marketing, as it's one of the easiest ways to attract more traffic to your website. This signature should include your personal details, your company details, and an unsubscribe link. You can use your signature to link back to your website, and even to other services.

9. Regular Send and Despatch The email marketing strategy should include a regular schedule of sending emails to your subscribers, always make sure that it's sent on the same day, at the same time. For example, every Monday or Tuesday at 10:53am. Your subscribers will come to 'expect' your email to arrive in their inbox on the same day at the same time, meaning that they want to read your content and are generally more receptive to any special offers or promotions you may include.

10. Measuring Results of Email Marketing You must be able to track who has opened your email communication, and better still to know who has clicked through on one of the links that direct the visitor to your website for more information or to complete a call to action form. Measuring which news items generated the most interest will help you to refine future communications.

Benefits of Email Marketing

The key benefit here is that any newsletter or email communication that you send will be an effective marketing tool for your company. It should, of course, keep clients up to date with key information, promoting your firm as knowledgeable and strong on client relationships.

Email Marketing builds Customer Loyalty

Building continued loyalty of existing clients cannot be taken for granted, particularly as your competitors become more aggressive in their email marketing techniques. The email newsletter is a way of retaining an existing client during times when that client is not using your service.