Clients trust First One On to deliver paid search marketing with measurable results that generate leads with effective search marketing strategies

Paid Search Marketing - Pay Per Click

Utilising paid search marketing or pay per click (PPC) can be an effective way of getting results in competitive situations where traditional organic search proves to be difficult because of greater competition or more websites competing for dominance.

Google Adwords

First One On develops and manages PPC campaigns for clients both large and small by defining keyword niches that generate smaller number of clicks but generally a much higher quality of visitor.

Landing Pages

It makes no sense at all to attract potential customers to a webpage that has not been optimised to deliver true value and quality of content to the visitor. The landing page must provide a mechanism for capturing the visitor and converting them into a quality lead that will ultimately make a purchase.

Fine Tuning the Adwords Ad

Understanding the correct keywords, developing the right mix of words in a small display ad and getting the landing page tuned to deliver quality leads is all part of the challenge facing the digital marketer of today and First One On consistently delivers results for clients so that they spend their money wisely.

google adwords