Video Email Marketing quickly gets the message across and provides a unique opportunity to create an immediate 'call to action'

Video Email Marketing, Newsletters and Webinars

Building strong customer relationships with video email marketing newsletters that deliver results is key in today's business environment. Video email newsletters will help you to build and develop strong customer relationships with existing clients and contacts and market your services more cost effectively.

Video Email Marketing - Tools of Attraction

Video Email Marketing is a powerful method of getting your message noticed and delivered - short video messages can grab the recipients attention and tell the story quicker than the written word.

Email newsletters can be sent with personalized video enhanced emails customized with your branding and logo, all with just a few clicks of the mouse. The right blend of powerful features to grow your business at affordable prices, First One On champions video email marketing to capture a prospects attention.

Your success is directly related to how effectively you communicate your message. Are boring white text emails limiting your success? With First One On you can easilyminutes. This allows your customers to better understand and retain your message, which ultimately means more success!

Our Video Email Marketing solution is a hosted service and is an innovative video messaging and video collaboration application. It will help you get ahead of your competition. First One On is the clear choice for small to medium sized businesses, non-profits and more. It's no wonder video email marketing is taking business by storm.

Video Webinars

Powerful yet easy to use live Internet for video webinars that allows for transmission of audio and video, interactive text chat, image display, scheduling and archiving. Broadcast to hundreds of simultaneous viewers that can interact with the broadcaster. Completely web-based, and does not require the user to download any software. Based upon industry leading Adobe Flash that is already installed on 95% of all computers on the Internet and is compatible with both PC's and Macintoshes. A popular application for individuals, business, churches, entertainers and more. Now anybody with a PC or MAC and an Internet connection can easily web cast their shows to the world.

Manage Videos and Images

With First One On you can not only host and manage video but images as well. Upload any .jpg, .gif or .png and easily create image galleries and publish to any web site or video email marketing project.

Easy Video Publishing

Easily publish video and images within any web page or email. The easy to use interface provides you simple one-click access to HTML code that you copy and paste into your web page. Or simply add video to your email.

Benefits of Video Email Marketing

The key benefit here is that any newsletter or email communication that you send will be an effective marketing tool for your firm. It should, of course, keep clients up to date with key information, promoting your firm as knowledgeable and strong on client relationships.

Video Newsletters build customer loyalty

Building continued loyalty of existing clients cannot be taken for granted, particularly as your competitors become more aggressive in their marketing techniques. The video newsletter is a way of retaining an existing client during times when that client is not using your service.