SEO Strategy

First One On delivers results that can be measured and we are driven by the need to achieve the very best for our clients with proven SEO strategy as we are fully accountable for everything that we do to enhance our clients business.

Understanding our clients SEO goals

This is paramount to ensuring that we exploit the right opportunities at the beginning of the relationship. We listen to what our clients say about their customers and identify methods to improve communications to achieve their SEO goals.

Recognising our clients brand

We understand the need for creative ideas to strengthen the brand and our expertise in providing different marketing and communication media across all channels further reinforces our clients branding.

Growing our clients business

Our wide ranging knowledge and experience across the fields of digital communication, search marketing, website development and social media have helped our clients evolve by ensuring their growth in these ever-changing times.

Measuring our client’s performance

We understand the need to focus on results and firmly believe in measuring the effects that a marketing campaign will have on our clients performance.

Understanding Trends in Search

As a digital internet search marketing agency First One On analyses and researches how changes in searches affects keywords and closely monitors which potential keyword terms will deliver the best result for the client – for example, is it Golf Clubs or Golf Courses?

Google Trends in Search